Wood and Lumber

When building a home for your family, the last thing you should have to worry about is the quality of your wood. We stock the best treated and untreated wood available to maintain a high quality level. Our lumber is MCQ treated with no arsenic.

We understand that not everyone is building homes for themselves, Howard has a immense selection of wood and wood products to choose from, so it doesn't matter if your building a home, a shop, or remodeling, we're sure to have what you need. We carry yellow pine, spruce lumber, SPF - domestic and imported from Germany, and we're just getting started. Below is a small breakdown of a few of our major lumber products.

Pine Lumber
Yellow Pine Lumber
Treated Lumber
Wolmanized Lumber
Landscape Timbers
Treated Posts
Specialty Lumber - ordered on request
Ash, Birch, Lauan
Waferboard (OSB)
Sanded Pine;
Pine Siding
Hardboard & Pegboard